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Analysis: Updates to charges against Oscar Pistorius' brother

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By Kiera Janzen

NBC News wrote the two stories examined about the charges Oscar Pistorius' brother is facing as a result of a traffic accident. The second story was an update to the first story, written earlier in the day.

In the original story, the lead contains more details about the charges Carl Pistorius is facing. However, as the story progresses, general details about his case are summarized as the author leads in to a summary about the Oscar Pistorius case.

In the update to the original story, the lead is less detailed and contains more information connecting this news event to the Oscar Pistorius case. In contrast to the initial report, as the story goes on, the author includes many more details about the accident (and its charges) involving Carl Pistorius.

These additional details include recent quotes from the Pistorius family lawyer and information about how South African authorities have handled this case in the past. Likewise, more information about the case and trial of Oscar Pistorius (and its connection to Carl) are included at the end of the article.

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