Explosion and fire in Kansas City restaurant leave 15 injured and one dead

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An explosion and resulting fire in a Kansas City, Mo. restaurant on Tuesday left 15 people with injuries and one person dead, news sources report.
According to a report by CNN, employees and witnesses smelled natural gas in and around JJ's Restaurant on Tuesday evening, prompting the restaurant to close early. The blast occurred around 6 p.m. and caused massive flames to destroy the building.
Deidre Estes, a restaurant employee, told CNN, "I thought I was going to die. Honestly, I thought I was trapped in there." Fifteen people were injured and treated at local hospitals. The body of one person, who Kansas City police have yet to identify, was found in the blast's debris.
NBC News reports that although the investigation is ongoing, the Missouri Gas Energy company said in a statement that they preliminarily think a contractor working underground hit a natural gas line, causing the gas to leak.
According to the article by NBC News, JJ's Restaurant is located in an upscale region of Kansas City. It is known throughout the Midwest for its dinner and throughout the world for its wine selection.

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