Recent report shows increase in errors made by Minnesota hospitals

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The annual report released by the Minnesota Department of Health on Thursday found that the overall rate of incidents and errors in the state's hospitals and medical centers has increased, news outlets report.

According to the Pioneer Press, there were 314 "adverse health events" reported in the last year, along with 14 deaths and 89 serious injuries related to these events. In comparison with the previous year's annual report findings, the number of deaths rose by nine and the total of serious injuries rose by five. The number of patient falls also increased by 11 percent.

Another major area of concern outlined by the report is the increase in suicides and attempted suicides in hospitals. There were four of these events in the last year, which is the highest total in nine years, reports the Pioneer Press.

The Star Tribune reports that despite the increase of these various incidents, hospital officials say they have seen progress in some areas. Dr. Timothy Morgenthaler, the patient safety officer for Mayo Clinic hospitals, told the Star Tribune that more "adverse health events" must now be reported, so it is difficult to judge whether or not hospitals have made progress.

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