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Analysis: Coverage of Jindal speech to Republicans at the Republican National Committee's Winter Meeting

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By Kiera Janzen

CNN wrote a news report about Gov. Bobby Jindal's speech at the Republican National Committee's Winter Meeting in January. In crafting the news story, the author made deliberate choices about what content and context information to include and how to structure these pieces within the story.

The author opened the story with a direct quote Jindal said during the speech and followed this lead with a summary of the politician's main points, along with general information about the speech's context, in the next paragraph.

The rest of the article follows the general point-support structure commonly used in speech coverage. Some paragraphs contain direct quotes with no explanation, some have direct quotes with explanation, and some provide background information and use paraphrased quotes.

Throughout the story, the reporter inserted background information about the issues discussed and explained certain references that Jindal made. Basic biographical information about the speaker and general details about the audience were also included to help the reader understand the importance of the speech.

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