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Analysis: News Organizations' Multimedia Options

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By Kiera Janzen

Examining, analyzing, and comparing the multimedia options on the websites of CNN and NBC News provides insight into what types of multimedia these major news organizations use and how they effectively use the different options. Both websites feature text, video, inforgraphics, photos, and slideshows to deliver and enhance the news.

On the CNN website, the majority of news stories feature a video that tells the story (and often gives additional information), at least one photo relevant to the event(s) or the people involved in the news, and text that gives information and tells the story. Below the videos and the pictures, there is usually a brief, simple caption in bold that tells readers what they are looking at. The text itself is broken up into small chunks and includes a sidebar with the main points of each story, making stories easier to read.

The multimedia used on the NBC News website is similar to that used on CNN. Many news stories feature text, at least one video (that provides information different from the text), and at least one picture. The captions underneath the videos and pictures, however, are longer and provide more information (including quotes and additional details). Like CNN, the text in stories is broken up into small pieces and also regularly contains hyperlinks which link readers to related stories.

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