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Analysis: Phil Ramone Obituary

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By Kiera Janzen

The New York Times wrote a news obituary about Phil Ramone, a famous record producer and a 14-time Grammy Award winner.

The obituary follows the general New York Times obituary formula. It opens with a standard obituary lead that includes the person's name, something notable about him, when and where he died, and his age (at the time that he died) stated at the end. The source used for information about the cause of Ramone's death was his son, Matthew.

The rest of the article continues with the formula, giving information about the cause of his death, significant characteristics and achievements the he is known for, a basic chronology of his life, and surviving family members. This obituary, and most obituaries in general, differ from resumes chiefly because they provide quotes and other relevant information about the person who died from family, friends, and other people that knew the person or that the person had an impact on.

The news value key to this story is prominence. Ramone was famous in popular culture, particularly in the music industry. This obituary discusses well-known artists that he worked with and also lists some of the popular songs that he helped produce.

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