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Harvard administrators secretly search faculty email

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Administrators at Harvard University secretly searched the email accounts of 16 faculty members last fall in order to find out who leaked information about a cheating scandal to the media, news sources report.

According to an article by CBS News Boston, the faculty members were resident deans on Harvard's Administrative Board. They worked to address the cheating scandal that occurred last spring that involved students cheating on a take-home exam in an undergraduate level government course.

The New York Times reports that Harvard's policy states that although the administration does have the ability to search the email accounts of faculty members as a part of an internal investigation, the faculty members must be notified before or shortly after the search. In this case, administrators did not notify the deans until about six months after the search.

According to the New York Times, Timothy McCarthy, a lecturer and program director at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, said, "This is disgraceful, even more so than the original cheating scandal, because it involves adults who should know better -- really smart, powerful adults, with complete job security."

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