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Lieutenant governor of Florida resigns during charity scam investigation

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The lieutenant governor of Florida resigned Tuesday after being questioned in the investigation of a $300 million charity scam, news sources report.

ABC News reports that Jennifer Carroll, 53, was questioned Monday in an investigation of a racketeering and money laundering operation that was hidden as a non-profit called Allied Veterans of the World. Police are not accusing Carroll of any crime, but she was a consultant for the non-profit in 2009 and 2010 when she was working for a public relations firm and also serving as a state representative.

According to ABC News, the organization claimed to be a charity for veterans but was running 49 illegal gambling centers that it said were internet cafes. The gambling centers raised $300 million but police sat only 2 percent of that money went to charities.

The Los Angeles Times reports that 57 people have been charged in connection to the scheme. Authorities identified the main defendants to be Johnny Duncan, 62, Jerry Bass, 62, Chase Burns, 37, and Kelly Mathis, 49.

The article by the Los Angeles Times reports that Carroll was formerly a Jacksonville state legislator. Her son, Nolan, is a defensive back for the Miami Dolphins.

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