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Study shows homelessness rising in Minnesota

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A recent study by the Wilder Center found that homelessness continues to rise in Minnesota, news sources report.

According to a report by the Star Tribune, the study found that homelessness in Minnesota has risen 6 percent since the study was last conducted in 2009. The number of people making use of Minnesota's emergency shelters rose 27 percent.

The Star Tribune reports that the study found that about half of the homeless were 21 or younger.

An article by the Pioneer Press reports that the study's results are based on a single-day count on Oct. 25. More than a thousand volunteers surveyed 400 sites across the state, including traditional shelters, transitional housing, and drop-in locations, which are known to shelter homeless people.

The Pioneer Press reports that the growing rates of homelessness have slowed since the recession. However, the study's directors said that their count is lower than the actual number of homeless people in the state because it does not consider homeless people who do not seek shelter in the "shelter system."

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