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Analysis: Data sets article

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By Kiera Janzen

The website for the National Institute for Computer-Assisted Reporting had an article on its "Extra! Extra!" blog where the reporter used and analyzed records and data sets for a story about buying and selling guns online.

The reporter used the records, data sets, and information on websites like to produce the story. Theses resources were analyzed to discover how people are illegally advertising and selling guns on websites like

In order to do this reporting, the reporter needed to be able to locate and effectively analyze websites where weapons are being illegally advertised and sold. He or she needed to have certain computer skills that allowed them to carry out this type of analysis that would produce meaningful information for the story.

The news organization did not use online tools, such as interactive graphics, to engage the reader. The article did have links to several websites related and relevant to the story, but interactive graphics would have helped the article to be more interesting, engaging, and easier to understand.

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