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Building collapse in Bangladesh kills, injures, and traps hundreds

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An eight-story building in Bangladesh collapsed Wednesday morning, killing at least 87 people and trapping and injuring hundreds more, news sources report.

The Washington Post reports that the building, near the country's capital, houses multiple garment factories and shops. Some survivors have been rescued by people cutting or drilling holes into the debris, but hundreds are still trapped inside.

According to the Washington Post, some workers said they did not want to go to work because the building had large cracks in it the day before the collapse. However, a building manager told workers that there were no problems with the building.

CNN reports that military and fire personnel, along with police, have been working at the scene. However, rescue progress has been moving slowly as rescuers are working carefully to avoid another collapse.

According to CNN, there are about 4,500 garment factories in Bangladesh. The last garment factory building collapse in the country in 2005 resulted in the deaths of more than seventy people.

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