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Computer problems stop state math test for thousands

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Computer problems forced the Minnesota Department of Education to stop the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment math test, which thousands of students were taking Tuesday, news sources report.

The Star Tribune reports that the computer server slowed down and caused problems for some of the 15,000 students that were taking the test online. Some could not log in to take the test and some were forced to stop taking the test before they were finished.

Joe Cohen, executive vice president of American Institutes for Research, told the Star Tribune that the cause of the computer problems was identified and that testing will resume tomorrow.

The Pioneer Press reports that 9,000 students were able to successfully take the test. The system will be closely monitored as testing resumes.

According to the Pioneer Press, schools are transitioning to taking all of the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment tests online. Charlene Briner, chief of staff for the Minnesota Department of Education, says that students feel more comfortable taking tests on computers and teachers like the instant feedback the online tests provide.

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