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Minneapolis man charged with assault for biting off police officer's finger

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A Minneapolis man was charged with assault Wednesday after he bit off the finger of a decorated Minneapolis police officer on Tuesday, news sources report.

The Star Tribune reports that the 54-year-old man, James Curtis Dawkins, was an ex-felon and had previously attacked police officers. Police were responding to a complaint of a man causing a disturbance when Dawkins attacked them.

According to the Star Tribune, Dawkins attacked officers Chad Meyer and Laura Turner. Meyer, whose finger was bitten off by Dawkins, is a decorated officer for the Minneapolis police department.

The Pioneer Press reports that Dawkins punched and kicked Meyer and Turner before biting Meyer's finger through his glove. Meyer permanently lost the part of his finger up to the first knuckle.

According to the Pioneer Press, Dawkins is being charged with first-degree assault and his first court date is scheduled for Thursday.

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