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Welcome to our new blog!!

Exciting things are happening with the University Recycling Programs! We are working hard to maximize the opportunity to move the campuses in a more sustainable and environmentally conscious direction. This blog is intended to act as a dialog between our department and all of the University community.

We will be updating frequently with developments in our new program initiatives throughout campus--as well as acting as a resource for all of your recycling needs. Please do not hesitate to post questions about recycling on campus, however general or specific they may be. Also, we would love to hear your feedback about your experience with recycling on campus, or any ideas that you may have!

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Could we look at a reduction of the excessive plastic we are purchasing for use in the dental clinics? Not only is the amount excessive but what is it doing to our environment. We recently had a pile of garbage dumped at Coffman Union. “We hosted a trash dump on Coffman Union to raise awareness and promote RecycleMania” How can we justify the use and disposal of all the plastic barriers we use? Eliminating or greatly reducing this barrier overkill could save the University money and the environment.