Twitter's experimental Vine video service enrages users with pornographic content

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The video service, Vine, recently integrated into Twitter, surprised users Monday when a video containing pornographic content appeared under the category of "Editor's Pick," according to NBC News.

Twitter soon removed the video from the category and apologized to its users. BBC News stated that the video was mistakenly placed in the category because of human error.

The video, which contains a young woman and a sex toy, according to NBC News, came from a Vine account named "nsfwvine." The account was created for the sole purpose of posting pornographic content.

BBC News reports that Vine has been facing criticism over the amount of pornographic content on its service. Though pornographic content can only be found through searching keywords on the website, if it's chosen as a featured video--as was the case with Twitter--it is automatically highlighted in whatever category it is featured in.

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