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Analysis: University of Minnesota 'Female Orgasm' workshop draws critics

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The Pioneer Press article "University of Minnesota 'Female Orgasm' workshop draws critics," has a lead that addresses the who, what, where and when. The author addresses the details in a vague yet specific manner. The author could have included specifics like the organization hosting the event and the exact date, but instead stuck with a straightforward news lead. It goes in-depth enough to allow the reader to make a decision about whether or not they want to continue reading the article. The lead also gives some insight as to what the article is trying to take an angle on (conservative criticism) rather than just stating what the workshop is about.

I think that it made the most sense not to include anything that the actual workshop itself entails as that was already made clear by the title of the article. The author did just enough to try to get the reader to be informed but realize they need to continue reading in order to get the whole story.

The news values included in this lead are proximity, conflict, and emotions. The reader in New York might decide not to continue reading due to the location being in Minnesota--and that bit of information is included in the lead. It addresses conflict by noting that conservatives are the people who have an issue with the workshop. Finally, emotions are also addressed because someone who identifies as a hardcore liberal or conservative could continue reading because of their point of interest.

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