Facebook sued by patent firm

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Social media giant Facebook is being sued by Rembrandt Social Media, a patent firm that represents deceased Dutch programmer, Joannes Jozef Everardus Van Der Meer, according to BBC News.

Van Der Meer had two patents with the firm between Sept. 2001-July 2002. According to NBC News, the patents were applications that created a "Web page diary" which allowed users to "collect personal information and third-party content," and an application which automatically transfers content from a user's "Web page diary," allowing people to collect content as they browsed the Internet. These two patents are similar to the Facebook Timeline and the ability to "like" pages on the social networking site.

Rembrandt Social Media seeks "no less than a reasonable royalty" for the alleged infringement. The company representing the case, Fish & Richardson, is "one of the largest firms practicing intellectual property" in the US--the firm once beat Amazon in court.

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