Gustavus Adolphus College president in jeopardy of losing position

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The president of Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, Minn., Jack Ohle, is facing harsh criticisms from the college's students and faculty, according to the St. Peter Herald. Along with the college's students and faculty, alumni have also stepped forward signing petitions asking the president to resign from his position.

The Gustavus board of trustees stated in a Jan. 29 memo that they planned to "undertake a comprehensive review of the president" during the spring semester. Those who have demonstrated negative criticism towards the president express concerns regarding the college's financial health.

Longtime physics professor and Gustavus alumnus, Steven Mellema, said that the college's resources "are being squandered by a president who positions himself as the sole decision maker, all while failing to heed the knowledgeable persons around him."

According to the Star Tribune, Ohle earned $478,732 in compensation in 2010; making him the fourth highest-paid president of a nonprofit, private college in Minnesota, behind Macalester College, Carleton College, and Hamline University. Since Ohle became president, the salaries of faculty members have fallen in comparison to similar schools. Full-time professors made an average of $76,200 in 2011-2012, below the median nationally for baccalaureate colleges.

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