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Analysis: Obama urges Congress to make government work for "the many"

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An article by Reuters summarized a speech by Barack Obama that took place on Feb. 12. The reporters started the article with the lead, which summed up the argument that Obama was trying to make throughout the speech: economic fairness for the middle class.

By reading the rest of the article, the reporters referenced direct quotations from Obama's speech. The reporters made sure to provide context, like when they wrote, "It was the second time in a few weeks that Obama has used a major occasion to show a new, bolder side, coming after his inaugural speech in January when he offered a strong defense of gay rights and put climate change back on the agenda." Without this knowledge, the reader not up-to-date with political speeches may not have been able to understand why this speech could be considered controversial to the Republican party.

The reporters went on to describe the reactions to Obama's speech, highlighting House Speaker John Boehner's response, as well as Florida Senator Marco Rubio's response. This allowed the reader to be assured that the atmosphere of the speech wasn't just influenced by the reporters' contextual ideas.

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