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Local radio host receives criticism for Newtown families comment

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A Twin Cities radio host has lost advertising and received criticism for a comment that he said April 12, describing that the families who lost their loved ones in the Newtown, Conn., shooting can "go to hell," the Star Tribune said.

Bob Davis, a conservative co-host of the "Davis and Emmer" weekday morning show on KTCN (AM 1130), was offered to have a paid trip to repeat what he said to the families of the Newtown shootings.

Davis argued that he's sick and tired of seeing the victims of the Sandy Hook school shooting becoming advocates for the national debate on gun control. He said that "[everyone is] terrified of these victims...I would stand in front of them and tell them, 'Go to hell.'"

Davis responded to the controversy created due to his comment, saying that he has no filter when he speaks on the air, the Huffington Post said.

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