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There has been a group of at least 50 workers found alive underneath the building that collapsed Wednesday in Dhaka, Bangladesh, BBC News said.

The group was found trapped in various places of the third floor of the building. Authorities hope to have the survivors freed within a few hours, CNN said.

The collapse has sparked protests across Bangladesh because of poor building quality regulations.

A scientist who faked research data for anti-cancer drugs in an attempt to get the drugs tested on humans was jailed Wednesday in Edinburgh, the Telegraph said.

Steven Eaton, 47, was working in Edinburgh in 2009 when he came up with the idea of falsifying data. If the experimental drugs had been able to be tested on people, there could have been "unquestionable harm to cancer patients," Edinburgh sheriff Michael O'Grady said. Eaton has been jailed for three months, which is the maximum sentence allotted under scientific safety laws.

Eaton's attorney said that he has given up working as a scientist, BBC News said.

The UK's premiere of Iron Man 3, which was scheduled for Wednesday, April 17, has been postponed because of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's funeral, BBC News said.

A Disney spokesperson said that the premiere will be delayed one day due to the expected chaotic atmosphere in London. Thatcher's funeral is planned for Wednesday, and London is anticipated to be busy, the Washington Times said.

The funeral may lead to 'civil unrest,' due to the mixed feelings toward the former Prime Minister.

Three found guilty of murder of child rapist

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Three men were convicted Wednesday of killing a child sex offender in Dorset, UK, BBC News said.

Stuart Wareham, 26, half-brother Lee Wareham, 33, and Benjamin Walter, 22, were found guilty of killing Geoffrey Reed, 57, a convicted sex attacker, stuffing his body into a suitcase, and burying it in a shallow grave, the Daily Echo said.

The three men violently killed Reed, as the autopsy reported that he died of multiple accounts of blunt force trauma.

UK parents convicted for fire deaths of six children

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The two Derby parents of six children who died in a fire in their home were convicted of manslaughter Tuesday, the Pioneer Press said.

A jury found Mick and Mairead Philpott guilty six counts of manslaughter, and are due to be sentenced Thursday. The court heard Tuesday that they were "good parents," and started the fire only in an attempt to get full custody of their children from Mick's ex-mistress, Lisa Willis. The couple intended to frame Willis, essentially rendering her unfit for custody, BBC News said.

Bird flu kills two men in China

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Two men, ages 27 and 87, who contracted the H7N9 virus in February have died in China, BBC News said.

There is less known about this particular strain of the virus, but it is known that it's rare for the spread to transfer from human-to-human contact, CBS News said.

The World Health Organization has no reason to believe that this strain was contracted by human contact, nor that any of the people in close contact with the victims are infected with the virus.

The Joao Havelange Stadium was closed indefinitely Tuesday because of its roof's structural problems, NBC News said.

The stadium in Rio de Janeiro, built in 2007, was discovered to have structural problems. Rio's mayor, Eduardo Paes, said that it could present a risk for spectators of the Olympics in 2016, BBC News said. The stadium has been closed until there are more details available. Paes said the situation wasn't acceptable, and those responsible will be held accountable.

Group sentenced for fake marriage

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A group of five people was sentenced Thursday on charges of taking part in false marriages, ITV News said.

The group in connection to the act, Amanda Nolan, 28, Jason Proctor, 40, Kevin Donnelly, 34, Denny Wallace, 22, and Gemma Nelson, 28, were arrested due to claims that they married Vietnamese immigrants wanting legal status in the United Kingdom, BBC News said.

Proctor and Donnelly were sentenced to ten months in jail, while Nolan, Wallace, and Nelson were given suspended prison sentences.

The group took pictures of their "wedding," and convinced the courthouse that the marriages were real. Police were tipped onto the mystery surrounding the "marriage" when Nolan left the country the day after his supposed wedding.

A father accused of killing his six children in a house fire admitted Wednesday that in the hours following his children's deaths, he had a threesome in his minibus with his wife and a man also accused of the children's deaths, BBC News said.

The man, Mick Philpott, 56, of Derby, England, said that after realizing his house had burned down and his children were dead, he tried to cope with the situation by having sex and smoking cannabis, the Huffington Post UK said.

Philpott, his wife, Mairead, 31, and a third defendant and friend of the family, Paul Mosley, 46, have each denied the six individual counts of manslaughter. The three defendants claim that they couldn't get to the children in time, and the house fire was an accident.

New estimates from England's National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse (NTA), suggest that England's population of users 35 and under of heroin and crack cocaine is plummeting, The Guardian said.

The report said that England's treatment system helped to decrease the amount of users. Paul Hayes, chief executive of the NTA, said that though evidence suggests that drug use amongst people 35 and under is decreasing, there is also evidence that describes drug treatment in people over 35 is increasing. He added that it is especially hard to help users 35 and older because they have been using drugs for a longer amount of time, and are often more frail than their younger peers, BBC News said.

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