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Some out-standing issues

At this stage, I appear to have the ice model running with realistic forcing. There are a few small unresolved issues that I think demand some attention until they're cleared up.

Density issues around 4C. The model does not erase potential density gradients around 4C the way nature does. To wit, in the summer, the bottom water is at around 3.6C, whereas it should be a lot closer to 4C. This may be resolved by switching to another mixing scheme. This might be an interesting item for discussion on the ROMS board. If you plot potential density, there are clear inversions that should not exist, and I don't know why.

Model still seems to form a lot of ice. Not sure why this is but hopefully this will improve as we tune our forcing. It also appears that very little shortwave gets into the system when there is ice. Ice albedo is around 0.5, but the SW gets vanishingly small as soon as there's even a little ice.

I need to improve the bathymetry and coastline that I use. This isn't really an issue as much as it is something that needs improving.

tice (ice temperature) does not print out- even if you have tice checked off to output data, no data for this exists.


I think that 'tice' is actually reported as 'ti' in the history and average files. At least it shows up in mine...