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Early model-mooring comparison

Okay, just for fun I've plotted moored data (from the Werne/Austin mooring in Western Superior) and temperature data from the model ,at the nearest equivalent grid point. Remember that we only have mooring data available through the end of September , when we last visited the mooring. Take a look:


A few quick comments:

It's not bad, for a first cut. The model does a good job of producing winter stratification. It fails to mix away stratification in the spring, which occurs at the mooring. The model does a good job of predicting the timing of the onset of summer stratification. The model heats up a little more slowly than the observations, though both predict a maximum surface temperature of around 18C, though the timing is slightly different. there's an intense mixing event in late August which is followed by seiching activity (in general, the model results are a bit more seiche-y than the observations). The deep water in both cases is very close to Tmd.

It will be interesting to recover the mooring this spring and see how the fall data plays out.