October 5, 2007

University Plant Information Database Open to Public

The Plant Information Online project is one of the world's largest collections of information and images for botanical and horticultural and plant enthusiasts and scholars, available at https://plantinfo.umn.edu/arboretum/default.asp.
Java and Web Services recently improved the site to update the look and feel as well as functional improvements including improved searching of the database.

As reported in the Star Tribune the Plant Information site has been opened to the general public and features information on where to buy plants and seeds, links to more than 2,000 North American seed and nursery farms, and more than 300,000 citations to plants in science and garden magazines and books.

August 21, 2007

UM Wiki gets a new look

UM Wiki was updated August 21, 2007. Updates include changes to the Look and Feel in accordance with the University Web guidelines provided by U Relations. Editing has been improved with a nice helper toolbar that automates much of the TWiki markup. To see what else changed, visit the Wiki blog at http://blog.lib.umn.edu/oit/umwiki/

August 1, 2007

Moodle Keeps Getting Better

Moodle, an open-source alternative for online learning, is being upgraded to a new version on August 5th, 2007. This version provides new functionality for instructors to tie a course site to a class in the Class Registration system. New role-based authentication features allow certain aspects of a course to be administered by users other than the course creator. Read more about these new features here.

University Bus Pass Web Site Improved

Parking and Transportation Services offers reduced bus passes to the University Community through the website http://buspass.umn.edu. Java and Web Services recently improved the site to provide access to MIFARE which is one of the leading contactless smart card technologies available. More than 20,000 orders are anticipated in the next few weeks.

July 3, 2007

UMContent now available

JaWS, working with a cross-campus steering committee, has set up a new Web Content Management system. The new system uses Oracle's Stellent software and will be replacing the current FileNet system. To find out how your organization can make use of this new service visit the UmContent Support Site

myU portal upgrade

One of JaWS most visible projects, myU, the University's online portal, is about to get a whole lot better. The new myU will include more personalized information about your courses, library, training, HR, as well the ability to customize U of M and outside content. There will be new and enhanced collaboration and networking tools, all made just for U.

June 25, 2007

UMContent Production Server Available

UmContent, the University of Minnesota's new Web Content Management System, which is managed and run by JaWS, is now production. FileNet customers are encouraged to begin migrating to the new system. Visit the UMContent Support Site for further information

June 8, 2007

Breeze upgraded to UMConnect

UMConnect is now available. The Breeze 5.1 server and its services (i.e. meetings, recordings, presentations, training) has been successfully upgraded to Adobe Connect Enterprise Server. Visit the UMConnect Support Site for futher information.

June 4, 2007

New myU Portal Goes Live

A new and improved myU portal was made available for more than 60,000 users. The new portal provides access to much more information as well as having an attractive new look.

May 15, 2007

UMWiki Updated

UMWiki was upgraded to the most recent version of the TWiki software. This upgrade provided many security updates as well as other improvements. Additional information is available at the TWiki Site.