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...and why can't these things say "Cleverbot" properly? It sounds to me like they say "clevabutt".

Twitter / @jaysenm: I just installed my first ...

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Total geek-out post. I love the idea of augmented reality. As El Reg points out, this is a great step forward for a company with a cool idea. Hopefully this will allow them to advance the application and innovation in the field of augmented reality. That stuff seems so cool, like space-age polymers to the people in the 50's. Rock.

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Comments from Ron Oglesby on RingCube aquistition

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Interesting perspective from Ron. Would RingCube be enough for the University of Minnesota's VDI environment, or if we added a layering solution, would it have to be something more like Unidesk or AppSense?

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For use cases involving dedicated VDI assigned per user, Citrix just got a slash in TCO for storage. The company's primary software, vDesk, allows users to have personalized apps, data and settings and a single OS vdisk behind the scenes.

Check out the press release for full details.

From the Lab to Your Living Room: Avatar Kinect

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A bit off my usual topics, but this is a crazy good promo video. The feature Microsoft is promoting is an add-on to their kinect, enabling you to use your avatar to chat with others online. The software interprets and projects facial expressions and hand gestures into the visual depictions of the participating avatars. The video actually does a pretty good job of turning something I would dismiss as cheesy into a pretty cool feature set. Follow the link for the promo video.

Looks like VMWare was listening. They've announced much reduced WAN traffic throughput used by their View product with the PCoIP protocol. It's been a few revs since I've worked with their product, but is PCoIP the only protocol option, or is their still another developed by VMWare? That other protocol was pretty sloppy network-wise in versions 3.5 and 4. Just because the pipe throughput is there, that doesn't mean the desktop can consume the entire capacity. Still, glad to see they are staying in the game.

Official press announcement:

Latest post by Aaron Parker clears up some of the App-V client versions and which to use in your environment.



Windows changes their usage restrictions on TPC. Click link for details.

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This is a great read to all who are sequencing apps for App-V. Discussion from Daniel Oxley on how to resolve application interaction with locally installed COM objects and other applications.

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