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Fairview subscribes to UpToDate and with a few tweaks, you can access it from your iPhone or Android device. Here is what to do:

1. Turn on Wifi in your phone's settings. By default your smartphone may only be set to use a cellular connection, but we need to connect to the Fairview wireless network.
2. Connect to FV_WLAN1 using your Fairview username and password (same as you use to log into Epic). iPhone is pretty straightforward. Android will ask you to set a password for the connect (use whatever password you like) and then take you to the screen where you can enter your Fairview username and password.
3. Go to www.uptodate.com and you should be good to go.

As a reminder, all UMN resources (except UpToDate) can be accessed from anywhere using your UMN username and password (you will be prompted when you need to enter it).

We also have a number of mobile apps available. You can either look at the general list or the Neurology specific one I created.

You can always contact me with any questions that come up.

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