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A Collage of a Car


It really took a long process to arrive at my final product, as you see the above photograph of it. Looking back at these whole three weeks, the time, the passion, and the painstaking effort I made and put into it, I found it has been far more than a simple collage, but a proof of my imagination and perseverance.

The Idea
It is always the first step that costs most troublesome. I remember I expressed my huge interest in cars at our first class (I was majored in automotive engineering in my college). And at the very beginning of this final project, my plan was to create a digital car related map. I had been thinking about the content of my map for a long time before I reached the cool idea of making a completely hand-making collage. The decision of doing this is absolutely a challenge for me, because I am majored in interactive design and almost all of my degree related projects from other courses are digital… It is becoming kind of boring sitting at a computer every day. And I am eager something different! I believe everyone has a natural impulsion of creating something by hand ever since we are kids. When I got the chance to see many interesting collages in and off our class, this idea budded. I felt the challenge of exploring a totally hand-making work, since I seldom got chance to do that. This time, I was going to seize the chance!

No doubt the collage would still be about cars. Then, the content became another question. I know the theme of this project is about “representation”, thus my collage would be my visual representation about a car(s). Because I was working on my MA’s project during these months, which is about a timeline of world car brands (it is now hung in the show window right outside 246 McNeal), I got a great chance to make a closer touch to car brands and logos over the world. One day, when I was working with those amazing logos, the idea came out: a collage totally by car logos! I still cannot conceal my excited feeling of this stunning idea today. It definitely would be a perfect way to involve my interests, my personal hobby, and my professional skills well together to create a most “own” representation. I drew a Hummer-like car as prototype of my collage, while it is not necessarily to be a Hummer. Anyway, that is one of my favorite cars, which I believe I will never own (not that useful for common people…). So, I will create one for myself.

The Process
I am not going to say a lot about how I collected those logos, as James has seen I had browsed over all magazines in those cabinets in our classroom, which was only a small part of all the magazines and newspapers I have used. The process was really painstaking because I know I would need more and more logos. I never feel satisfied when I was looking at my product before the day it was done… I struggled and almost gave up… However, I should again thank my imagination and creativity and perseverance. Eventually I made it. It totally takes nearly 100 brands, more than 500 pieces of logos in my collage.

“A Car Made in a World”
I am guessing my collage to the others might only be a graphic design work, with some slight or strong visual impact of course. But to me, it is much more valuable. I think it is successful because I overcame the challenge. I love it because I enjoyed the process. I named the collage “a car made in a world” (in the form of “xxx made in US…”), which means it was made by car logos throughout the whole world. In the real world, those logos belong to a same family: cars. In my collage, they are the composition of a car. Any philosophical meanings here? I am not quite sure, only feel excited. And I always believe some art works are just for visual impacts and appreciation for any reason from their audience. At least for me, enough.