February 6, 2008

Studio procedures

Please respect the general procedures when working in B2/B9. It's a great space to have available as registered students in one of these classes, but the space must stay organized in order to be beneficial to everyone. Thanks for your help!

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Aesthetic Apparatus Trunk Show

Straight from the horse's mouth:

sale.pngATTENTION PEOPLE OF THE TWIN CITIES. We are having our 2nd Annual "Kindling & Litter-box-liner Sale" at Grumpy's in lovely downtown Minneapolis on this very Saturday, February 9th from 6-11PM. We'll be selling our slightly damaged/misprinted posters for a mere $5, and test prints at half price ($50), along with our regular priced items such as posters, art prints and all the Doomdrips prints and apparel.

This is a great opportunity to check out some great screenprints and save a bunch of money if you wish to purchase!

See a sample of what will be available

February 4, 2008

Historical presses

Picture 2.png Although much has remained the same in press technology since the birth of Gutenberg's press, there are still significant developments that have been made since the 1400s. The Vandercook (pictured here) is one of those presses, famous for the first printing proofs.

Learn more about 11 presses that made history

January 26, 2008

Thoughtful design through useful tools

January 22, 2008

California Job Case layout

There are hundreds (if not more) of type case layouts. Most of the cases we have in the studio are California Job Case layouts. Originally, cases were divided according to upper and lower case, but the job case combines these two cases (so that you can complete the 'job' with one 'case'). californiaJobCase.png

January 21, 2008

Screenprinting materials resources

There are numerous places to get materials and supplies in the Twin Cities, including:

Northwest Graphic Supply
4200 E. Lake St. in Minneapolis
Open Monday-Friday, 8:15a-5pm

Polymer plate resources in the Twin Cities

There are several companies in the Twin Cities that do commercial polymer plate letterpress, including:

Lunalux –  http://www.lunalux.com/
The Indulgence Press – http://www.indulgencepress.com
Studio on Fire – http://www. studioonfire.com
Blinc Publishing – http://www.blincpublishing.com

The following resource shows some examples of this process in contemporary design:

See how Aesthetic Apparatus 'does it'

Inking a Vandercook press

Hand setting letterpress type