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Studio procedures

Please respect the general procedures when working in B2/B9. It's a great space to have available as registered students in one of these classes, but the space must stay organized in order to be beneficial to everyone. Thanks for your help!

Coating screens
The "scoop coaters" go in the two drawers in the screen coating area. They should be *spotlessly* cleaned and dried after use and put back in these drawers. Be very careful not to damage the edge of the scoop coater, as this will cause streaks in the coat of emulsion on the next screen it is used to coat.

The exposure unit
When you expose your screens in the exposure unit, the *emulsion should be completely dry* otherwise it will not expose properly, and you might end up leaving a residue of photo-emulsion on the glass surface of the unit. If you do this, immediately clean it up; you are expected to leave the glass spotlessly clean after use.

After you have finished printing, thoroughly clean off all ink and then dry the squeegee so that no water can run down between the squeegee blade and the wood slot in the handle (if this happens it will ruin the squeegee). After it is dry, return it to the squeegee rack, blade down. Also, be very careful not to damage the edge of the blade (otherwise it will leave streaks in people’s prints). If you notice a squeegee that is damaged, please let me or your studio instructor know so we can replace it.

Printing areas
When you have finished printing your screens, completely clean up the area you used to print. This includes removing any tape used for registration and cleaning up any spilled screenprinting ink.

General equipment
Make sure you always put everything away after you have used it. If there isn't a clearly marked area or you aren't sure where something belongs, ask me (if around) or your studio instructor. (NOTE: Currently, there is only one hairdryer in the draw marked “hairdryer? and we started the semester with three. Please replace if you have borrowed one.)

Please recycle as much paper and ink as possible. If paper has already been used multiple times for test prints and it is no longer usable, please recycle it in the "Newspaper plus" container in the hall. This will help keep our studio a bit 'greener.'