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February 16, 2008

Massive Change response paper, due next class, Feb. 20th

“The Massive Change Project explores the legacy and potential, the promise and power of design in improving the welfare of humanity.� (from the Massive change web site: http://www.massivechange.com)

For this week’s written assignment I’d like you all to research Bruce Mau and Bruce Mau design. Look up the online exhibition of “Massive Change�: and consider the themes of the exhibition as well as the ones we read in the exhibition at Rapson Hall---manufactured housing, the legal system, and sustainability. Can you take one of these themes (either from the exhibit in Rapson Hall or from the online exhibition) and relate it a contemporary issue in Minnesota or in the Twin Cities. In what way could design be used locally to improve “the welfare of humanity�? What improvements are needed?

Write a response to this including a short description of Bruce Mau (who he is and what the “Massive Change� project is all about), followed by relating an aspect of life in Minnesota: Typed double space approx 350 to 500 words.

February 14, 2008

Cafe Bonxai = Art, Food, Design!!!

Okay... So I was also looking for art and design in the local metro. But, I was on a bus back from the Center of Hmong Arts and Talent (CHAT) when I passed Cafe BonXai, a Hmong owned authentic cuisine of French, Italian, and Thai with the spices of Hmong chili sauce. After I got back to my room, I researched online in the journals and news from local newspaper to the website blogs. Here are two articles from local news on Cafe BonXai:

Hmong Today Local Newspaper: http://www.hmongtoday.com/displaynews.asp?ID=2402

MPLS ST.Paul Magazine: http://www.mspmag.com/dining/restaurantreviews/69161.asp

This image is from the website above.

There are many more articles written on Cafe BonXai however, the interesting part of Cafe BonXai is not only the food, but the interior design. As the articles commented on Cafe BonXai's interior design puts a different spin in local cuisine on University Avenue. The cool blue with smooth color contrast walls brings a different atmosphere to the customers and the environment.

Personally I've been to Cafe BonXai once and fell in love with the place. Not only is it a place of classic and contemporary, but the location also sets a motion in changing for the good and claiming it's own identity in the cuisine and local art on University Ave.

For those who are interested and would like to go "visit" as well as enjoy a splendid meal the address is below:
613 University Ave. W.,
St. Paul, 5514
Phone Number: 651-644-1444

Graphic Design In MN

I was looking for an article that would support the academics of Art and Design. I found this article while looking for local design companies and such that brought me to this websites that emphasizes Minnesota as a top candidate for City of Design if one is considering design as a major or career.


The positive outcome that I’ve seen from articles and websites such as this article is that the population of design interest rises. There are now more various cultures that influence the design that is here in Minnesota, specifically from the students of the Universities and colleges in Minnesota. The article not only motivates design artists in displaying opportunities, but valuing the art in design and the designer.

Sorry No Pictures



The new Twins Ballpark is still in the process of being designed, and while the construction is starting, the finalized designs are still being debated.

Not only does the new ballpark give the Twins a place to play, but it will draw a great deal of revenue. The designs are being looked over trying to capitalize on the space that is provided, but the costs keep climbing. Overall, the monday made by the new stadium is going to cover and hopefully surpass the expenses put into designing and constructing the new stadium

Design in Minnesota- Michaela Ostertag


This article is on Eco-friendly tree houses created by Dustin Feider a local Minnesotan. The tree houses do not harm the tree because they are not attached directly to the tree. The tree house itself is suspended inside of the tree by cables looped around the crotches of the branches. There are no nails or bolts. Another cool aspect of the tree house is that all of the materials are sustainable and recycled. One of these tree houses will cost you around $20,000 which includes installation.

The social implications that go with this our quite good. It creates a place to gather with family right out the back door. It also allows for adults to reflect on their childhood and tell their children them. A tree house is a great place to bond, relax and enjoy the great outdoors. The economic implications on the other hand are kind of unrealistic. In Minnesota it really isn't worth spending $20,000 on a tree house where you will only spend a couple months hanging out in it.

February 13, 2008

Design in Minnesota- Megan Wainscott


This article explains a project conducted here at the U of M. Nine students made connections with Korean students to collaborate and design something together. Their designs were supposed to relfect a cultural idea that both the American and Korean students would understyand. The designs were all different depending on the majors of the students. This project was not only a way for both the American and Korean students to explore different types of design, but also to explore a whole different culture. The Korean students were exposed to the world of American design, and vice versa.

This is an example of one of the design. Although the two studends who worked on these dresses were across the world, the two pieces look like they belong together. These dresses were designed to represent the two national flowers of America and Korea.

Design in Minnesota


This story is about the St. Paul Gopher Spot which won an Interiors award from Contract magazine in the sports and entertainment category. They recently redesigned the Gopher Spot in the St. Paul Student Center. In doing so, they fixed the traffic flow so that the guests could move easily between the new eight-lane bowling alley, the convenience store, and the game area. To make the area more contemporary they used bright colors and bright lighting. They also took out the walls to make the area bigger and more welcoming to guests.

Since the redesigned Gopher Spot is something new to the University, it will attract more students to the St. Paul Campus. One student said in the article, that he likes the St. Paul bowling alleys better because there are less people in St. Paul, so he could get a lane faster than in Coffman. Another way that people are going to be attracted to go to St. Paul is because of the advertising that was done in the MN Daily, which is the article that I got my information from. In an economic aspect, it will bring more money to the University of Minnesota and keep kids out of trouble because there is now something for them to do in St. Paul.

February 8, 2008

Aesthetic Apparatus Trunk Sale--Saturday evening

This is what AA says of their sale:

ATTENTION PEOPLE OF THE TWIN CITIES. We are having our 2nd Annual "Kindling & Litter-box-liner Sale" at Grumpy's in lovely downtown Minneapolis on this very Saturday, February 9th from 6-11PM. We'll be selling our slightly damaged/misprinted posters for a mere $5, and test prints at half price ($50), along with our regular priced items such as posters, art prints and all the Doomdrips prints and apparel.

This is a great opportunity to check out some great screenprints and save a bunch of money if you wish to purchase!



Blog response for the week: 2/7/08 to 2/14/08

Design in Minnesota responses:

Research online a “story about design� that is in some way connected to
Minnesota, and then post the following as an entry in the blog:

One or more url’s that refer to this particular design story.

A brief description of it, written by you.

A brief analysis, written by you, in which you evaluate it, commenting on
its social and possibly economic implications for Minnesota.

If you can upload a picture, that would be good.

Examples of things to do with design: a current building or engineering project in the state; architecture, crafts, retail merchandizing, furnishings, product design; a design exhibition, a design event in Minnesota, a well known or emerging designer in Minnesota, a well known design product in Minnesota, an emerging design problem in Minnesota.

Short writing assignment: response paper, for next class: Feb. 14th

The paper should be approx 300 to 500 words, typed and double-spaced.

These are the 10 Principles for Livable Communities, listed in this article (10 on 10 by E. Tim Carl):


AIA Minnesota August 2007

1. Design on a Human Scale
2. Provide Choices
3. Encourage mixed-use development
4. Preserve urban centers
5. Vary Transportation options
6. Build vibrant spaces
7. Create a neighborhood identity
8. Protect environmental resources
9. Conserve landscapes
10. Design matters

Each principle is essentially a way of thinking about the underlying question of what goes into creating “livable communities.� Ten people each write their own perspective on one of these principles; each person’s particular vocation influences his or her response. In your paper, contrast two of these responses: what’s similar in what they say; what is different: and what do you think?

February 7, 2008

Design Resources - Amanda Schactner

The first design resource I found was awesome! Since I am really into speaking German, I searched for German Design Firms. I found several really neat German based design resources, but I was really fond of one in particular called Chewing the Sun. This German advertising design studio creates modern designs for artists, photographers, fashion lines, musicians, and other creative individuals. They cater to the high-end, ritzy class of Germany, and are a growing success. I find the work to be clever and appealing to the eye… and I like it even more because it’s German!
IMG src="<"http://www.neuarmy.com/neus/hello/273/1050/320/CHEWING%20THE%20SUN%2010%205%202004%209%2015%2009%20AM.jpg">"

Another design resource that I found to be really interesting was Interior Design Magazine. This magazine is full of endless tricks and tips on how to create a beautiful living environment. With thousands of household items artistically designed from varieties of materials and inspired from cultures all over the world. I really enjoy looking at what this magazine has to offer, and it makes me want to redecorate my whole house! The unique fabric designs are my favorite. The pictures below are of original items I found especially attractive.
IMG src="<"http://a330.g.akamai.net/7/330/2540/20071107144216/www.interiordesign.net/articles/images/ID/20071221/idx0716_fm_furn01.jpg">"
IMG src="<"http://a330.g.akamai.net/7/330/2540/20071106153748/www.interiordesign.net/articles/images/ID/20071114/idx0716_fm_wc12.jpg">"

IMG src=""

February 6, 2008

What exactly is the assignment?

I cannot seem to find what the new assignment is for the blog. Could someone explain how to get there or tell me what it is!?