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Design in Minnesota- Michaela Ostertag


This article is on Eco-friendly tree houses created by Dustin Feider a local Minnesotan. The tree houses do not harm the tree because they are not attached directly to the tree. The tree house itself is suspended inside of the tree by cables looped around the crotches of the branches. There are no nails or bolts. Another cool aspect of the tree house is that all of the materials are sustainable and recycled. One of these tree houses will cost you around $20,000 which includes installation.

The social implications that go with this our quite good. It creates a place to gather with family right out the back door. It also allows for adults to reflect on their childhood and tell their children them. A tree house is a great place to bond, relax and enjoy the great outdoors. The economic implications on the other hand are kind of unrealistic. In Minnesota it really isn't worth spending $20,000 on a tree house where you will only spend a couple months hanging out in it.

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