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Design for Health and the Environment - Amanda Schactner

Eating healthy and having a balanced diet play a large role in the quality of life. As people are becoming aware of America's alarming obesity rates, health and nutrition are becoming more substantial. Eating organic foods is a phenomenon which is slowly becoming more popular. Currently very popluar in Colorado and the Rocky Mountains, eating organic food is not only a habit, but more of a lifestyle and culture. Minneapolis is growing to see more organic food stores, restaurants, and is joining the bandwagon to a healty lifestyle. The design of organic foods within the Twin Cities has a lot of potential. In the future, people may be eating only organic foods, and I think that it is vital to design a way in which organic foods along with preservation of the Environment can be incorporated into every day life. Also, the design of organic materails incorporated in everday material will help to secure a more environmentally friendly future. Minneapolis is a booming metropolis, and I believe that with proper design, organic lifestyles will flourish.

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