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The Twin Cities Influence on Design in the Target Corporation-Lindsay Offermann

Target is a major corporation that is based locally in the Twin Cities. Because the company’s headquarters are here in the Twin Cities, it is only natural that the surrounding areas influence the designs of the company. Many local design companies have had a hand in creating the images and designs seen throughout Target stores. Companies such as Werner Design Werks, which is based in St. Paul, have contributed to in-store concept design as well as brand design. Minneapolis based companies like Duffy and Partners and Charles S. Anderson Design, have developed design schemes, packaging, and product designs for numerous items seen inside Target stores. In addition to local design inspiration, Target takes advantage of many professional designers to create lines for the company such as Isaac Mizrahi and his clothing designs, and Michael Graves designs for domestic products. Target is dedicated to good design and as a result an important aspect of the company is “Design for All?.

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