February 13, 2008

Design in Minnesota

This story is about the St. Paul Gopher Spot which won an Interiors award from Contract magazine in the sports and entertainment category. They recently redesigned the Gopher Spot in the St. Paul Student Center. In doing so, they fixed the traffic flow so that the guests could move easily between the new eight-lane bowling alley, the convenience store, and the game area. To make the area more contemporary they used bright colors and bright lighting. They also took out the walls to make the area bigger and more welcoming to guests.

Since the redesigned Gopher Spot is something new to the University, it will attract more students to the St. Paul Campus. One student said in the article, that he likes the St. Paul bowling alleys better because there are less people in St. Paul, so he could get a lane faster than in Coffman. Another way that people are going to be attracted to go to St. Paul is because of the advertising that was done in the MN Daily, which is the article that I got my information from. In an economic aspect, it will bring more money to the University of Minnesota and keep kids out of trouble because there is now something for them to do in St. Paul.

February 8, 2008

Blog response for the week: 2/7/08 to 2/14/08

Design in Minnesota responses:

Research online a “story about design� that is in some way connected to
Minnesota, and then post the following as an entry in the blog:

One or more url’s that refer to this particular design story.

A brief description of it, written by you.

A brief analysis, written by you, in which you evaluate it, commenting on
its social and possibly economic implications for Minnesota.

If you can upload a picture, that would be good.

Examples of things to do with design: a current building or engineering project in the state; architecture, crafts, retail merchandizing, furnishings, product design; a design exhibition, a design event in Minnesota, a well known or emerging designer in Minnesota, a well known design product in Minnesota, an emerging design problem in Minnesota.