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January 24, 2007

Study hints for Part A of weekly exams

I'm providing you with these hints for two reasons. First, to impress on you that you have to master the content of the single column stuff. Second, to give you some help in how to master the content.

1. Know the content of numbered and bulleted lists. These questions can confuse you. It will really help you if you know the words I use in the text to introduce the list. For example, a question about the three-step analysis of the Fourth Amendment might be, "Identify the three-steps in the process to determine whether law enforcement officers have complied with the Fourth Amendment." If you go to page 60, you'll see how closely the words in the question track the words used to introduce the list.
2. Know the definitions of key terms and phrases. They're printed in boldface type.
3. Be prepared to know the significance, and describe the facts, of cases discussed in the text. For example, see Olmstead v. U.S. on page 61.
4. Be able to answer questions like, "Describe the difference between the theory and practice of the privacy doctrine?" You'll find the answer on page 62.