February 2, 2009

Opening UM e-journal articles

Here are instructions for opening the reading for February 3, "Whose Side Are We On." It's also a template for opening all the e-journal reading assignment articles.

1. Open your downloaded syllabus.
2. Click on title “Whose Side Are We On??
3. Enter “Social Problems?
3. Click “GO?
4. Click “Social Problems?
5. Click “Full Text available via JSTOR…?
6. Click “1960-1969 (Vols 7-17)?
7. Click “1967 (Vol 14), No. 3?
8. Scroll down to “Whose Side Are We On?
9. Click “PDF?

January 27, 2009

Writing Assignments, email

From now on, you can submit all writing assignments by email attachment. Here are the rules for email submissions:

1. Destination. Email the assignments to your TA, NOT to me.
2. Class Reaction (CR) assignments. Your TA has to receive your assignment by 10pm of the date of the class you're reacting to.
2. All other assignments. Your TA has to receive your assignment by the time it's due. For example, if the assignment is due at the beginning of class, it has to arrive in your TAs email box by 945 on the date it's due.

January 25, 2009

"Dig Deeper" (DD) assignments

I apologize for the confusion in the syllabus regarding the DD assignments. Here are the corrected instructions which should clarify the confusion. I've also corrected the instructions on the syllabus and posted the corrected syllabus.

“Dig Deeper? (DD) Assignment (600 word limit) = 200 points
Complete one of the “Dig Deeper? (see Lincoln Steffens excerpt on “digging deeper?) assignment from the seven described in the “Schedule of Classes and Assignments, ? on January 22, January 27, February 17, February 26, March 10, April 7, April 28, April 30, May 7.

1. Answer the specific questions about the DD assignment you choose to complete.
2. Submit your DD assignment before class begins on the day the assignment appears on the "Schedule of Classes and Assignments." You can submit your essay by email attachment as long as your TA receives it before class begins on the date it’s due.
3. Include the following information at the top of the assignment: (1) DD; (2) date; (c) your name.

There’s no credit for cutting and pasting, except for brief specific quotes and/or graphics. You can earn bonus points for this assignment, if it demonstrates special quality and depth of detail and analysis; is logically presented; and written in simple, clear, direct prose. The number of bonus points, if any, is totally within your TA’s discretion.

January 24, 2009

"Unlocking America" Study Guide

"Unlocking America" study guide is now posted for downloading in "Study Aids."

January 20, 2009

How to find readings; study guide for Criminal Victimization 2007

1. Readings access. To get the readings, download the online syllabus; click on the titles, they're links to the readings.
2. Study guide to Criminal Victimization 2007. Read page one carefully, including Table 1, and then note the bold headings in the remaining pages.
3. From now on, I'll put announcements like these on the class blog. You should check it regularly for these, and other important announcements.

August 20, 2008

CLA and Sociology Policies and Procedures

Please understand that these CLA and Sociology policies are not just statements. They're sound, fair rules that, even if they were voluntary, I'd follow faithfully and enforce.

Download CLA and Sociology Policies and Procedures