Fractions project development

I have been in email contact with Jamie since Monday. I sent him multiple project ideas and we have settled on a main idea for the project. The ideas I presented to him were making an art piece based on fractal geometry or trees, interpreting a pattern or rhythm from a Paul Klee painting and then translating that into a project, or using Andy Goldsworthy's work as a jumping off point and making sculptures or art pieces from natural materials.

Jamie's favorite artist/idea was Andy Goldsworthy, so who we're going to use for the inspirational artist. He said that first graders need a lot of time for exploration at the beginning of any project. Since we have three days to work on the project, I'm hoping the first day can be spent collecting for materials and making a plan for each individual (or group) project. The second day could be spent building the project, and the third day could be spent analyzing the fractions within each art piece.

I have a book on Andy Goldsworthy's work waiting for me in the library, so that will be helpful for additional project ideas. One of the nice things about using Andy Goldsworthy for inspiration is that he didn't only use stone; he used almost any natural material available. Therefore the kids will be free to use stones, sticks, sand, leaves, flowers, or anything else they can think of.

The projects themselves will be very open ended, as long as the kids are able to make a link to Goldsworthy's work.

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