Playgrounds for Worms

In our last meeting with Teacher Frances' students we created playgrounds for the class worms. The students have been learning about worms: where they live, what they eat and how to hold them. We used this interest to support the design thinking involved in creating a playground and extend their learning about worms through play. By filling a large tube with dirt and putting out possible materials to build a playground we found the children fascinated with where a worm could fit. The students brought the worms from their worm home (already in their classroom) and began to inhabit the playground. With different sized tubes they explored the possibilities of where worms would like to play, how many worms could play in each area, what materials worked better for worms to go through and slide down, as well as how the different worm attractions allowed the worms to do different things like slide, crawl, and swim. While trying to put a worm through a straw Raya realized the worm was too big and found a new slide for the worm where it easily fit through and won't hurt the worm.

DSCN6505 smaller.jpg

DSCN6511 smaller.jpg

Students dug for worms in their worm home and decided that when the worms went to the playground they would also like to be under the dirt like where they had found them. Multiple students created tunnels under the dirt and through different materials so the worms could crawl through.

DSCN6500 smaller.jpg

DSCN6503 smaller.jpg

All of the worms survived.

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