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Day 6... Third time for Biceps / Back

I am really concentrating on lengthening my muscles and breathing during the 10 Sun Salutations. I've got the motions down now so I can work on the best form. It seems to really be helping warm me up and stretch me out.

The first day I worked out I did a light workout all over my body, then I had a day off then I got into my twice a week routine, so this is the 3rd time I've done biceps and back. I got a great pump going and felt really good.

Tang Soo Do
I managed to get through all Hyung and Sol Ch Gi in about two songs today, so less than 8 minutes. It was good cardio. Then I went back and worked on Pyung Ahn Sa Dan several times paying attention to principles from the last feedback I got in class. If I can do this each day with a different form or kicking sequence, then I am really going to be ahead of the game on those and able to use my Tang Soo do time to concentrate on other things such as the Il Soo Shik and kicking. I will be setting aside time specifically to do that sort of thing a few times a week now that I am established in my daily routine. Tomorrow afternoon will be the first such opportunity.