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extension 2.0 first blog entry

I was hired by Dr. Mary Meyer of the University of Minnesota Horticulture Dept. to develop basic content for the Consumer Horticulture community of practice (CoP) , now seen as eXtension's: Gardens, Lawns, and Landscapes

Although I was hired to put together content for this website, I didn't think I had much time for blogging or all this social networking "stuff" until I attended the National eXtension Initiative professional development conference this year. Dr. Michael Wesch, whose work we just recently saw in week 1, The Machine is Us/ing Us (Final Version)," presented on several topics which opened my eyes to the uses of social networking tools such as blogs, twitter, feed readers, YouTube etc.. and how effectively they can reach certain audiences. I now think that these tools are necessary for Extension to reach the public. It has become clear to me that we can no longer ignore technology and pretend it does not exist, but embrace it and use it wisely in hopes that we will educate the public with reliable, researched based information, while also offering them opportunities to engage in communities and interact in ways that encourage critical thinking.

I'm looking forward to understanding how to use these tools better through this training. Since the National eXtension Initiative professional development conference, I now have a presence on twitter, have included more RSS feeds on my igoogle page, and followed just about everything Dr. Wesch has produced in hopes I'll continue to gain more insight into these social networking tools and how to use them. During this session I would like to further decipher when to use which tool for what purposes and see what others are thinking and doing within Extension to reach the public.

-Karen Jeannette
Horticulture Content Specialist
University of Minnesota


Hi Karen--I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on Extension and technology. And you are way ahead of the curve for this course! Thanks for signing up and I hope you find some interesting information along the way!

That conference sounds exciting. I like and just found it this year.