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Productivity Software

I started using Google Docs this fall. I have had some trouble allowing others to see the published works. I can't quite tell if anyone is allowed to see my published works or just those with Google accounts. My guess is that I haven't quite tweaked the settings right to let everyone see the published works.

I have briefly looked at Zoho and hope I can figure out how to use this in more detail. I have thought of putting a plant database on Zoho, then linking to pictures in Flickr. Thought this might be a useful tool, but I need more time to investigate if this would be the best way to go.

It is great that there is so much free productivity software out there. I almost wonder if the next computer I get if I will need to purchase Microsoft Office. I agree that the online tools are easier to use. Most of the advanced features I rarely use in Office, so it's nice not to get bogged down with some of the "smart" features that rearrange formatting for you in Office and actually make things more frustrating.


I don't have good answers to all your great questions, but I'm glad you got a chance to look at so many interesting online tools! Thanks for completing Week 7!