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Communicating w/Web 2.0 (Week 9)

I've been communicating via Twitter with some colleagues for the past couple months from eXtension. What I like about Twitter is that it I get a better idea of people's lives that I work with. I am mostly following IT and content designers/developers from eXtension. Twitter is great because I don't have to respond instantaneously and I get a feel for the little details in people's lives that help me relate to them better in other areas of work.

IM is not my favorite. I can't handle any more distraction, and I think IM would put be over the top. Although I have led chat rooms for Master Gardeners in WebCt. It was nice and you could record the sessions, but it is not my most favorite communication tool. A lot of it has to do with how fast people can type...waiting for a response can sometimes take away the asynchronous feeling.

The other week I tried using Jott. That was interesting to use Jott to convert voice to text. I think you can use Jott to instant message, which might be better than typing....I still have to try that application out a bit more to get the hang of everything it does.