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Webcasting (Week 10)

I have been in on many adobe connect meetings through eXtension, but never on the inside. I was quite amazed at how easy it was to make a conference. I tried out a few of the features. The downloading the powerpoint file took awhile, so I would definitely want to do this ahead of time or put it online elsewhere and share my window with the powerpoint file rather than the whole screen w/the powerpoint file.

I think this will be an extremely useful tool for capturing presentations; particularly for teaching Master Gardeners to use the eXtension FAQ system as experts, for showing Master Gardeners how to use different resources on the web, as well as other training options. Perhaps the best feature is the recordings, so these can be included in a Manual that people can access anytime.

I'm very excited about having access to this tool. We can do so much more w/training than we did 10 years ago. It's really encouraging as an educator.

My webcast, while clumsy, and not one bit entertaining is found at: https://umconnect.umn.edu/karenj/

I'm looking forward to trying this again!