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Wrap Up - Week 11

In response to the Wrap Up questions:

My favorite exercise was webcasting, week 10. It was the tool I was least familiar with. I was a bit intimidated and was reluctant to try it because I figured it would take along time to look at it, but I found it to be much easier and less cumbersome than I expected. I will now have a better idea of what is involved and how much prep time I will need to devote to using this type of tool.

This program has affected my everyday work by making me more aware of all the different ways people are using these applications/technologies. When you are trying to develop materials to reach the public, it is all too often that you rely on familiar delivery methods (such as print/factsheets etc), when you could actually reach more people, more effectively with just more common knowledge of how to BEST present your materials, whether it be YouTube, Flickr, a Blog, Facebook. I feel less intimidated to try these ways of communication because I now know some of the outcomes through examples in this course.

I don't think I was surprised because I wasn't sure what to expect. Wait. I take that back. I was surprised at how well it was done. It was straight to the point, offered different levels of challenge, and very effective at communicating its goals. Most importantly, I was able to keep up with the course w/every thing else going on.

I'm not sure how you could improve, because I was very happy with the way the course was run. Maybe next time instead of a blog, people could enter information in a social networking interface like ning where it would be easier to communicate and share w/each other. I could have browsed on the different blogs a bit more, but didn't because I would have had to dive a bit further. Maybe something like ning would let people share their work more easily?

I would definitely sign up for another enrichment course. While this involved a minor time commitment, it will save me a lot of time in the future as I develop more content for eXtension.

One more suggestion. I see many colleagues struggle with the plethora of emails from listserves. I think people could use some concentrated (meaning through a 10 week enrichment course like this) instruction how to get off listserves and use feed aggregators, bookmarks, tagging features, etc... (this includes me - how can I do this efficiently?) This may potentially help people to manage their communications more effectively.

Thanks for a great class.