September 4, 2007


September 3, 2007

the world was falling

but always he struggled to stand tall

June 22, 2007

caelum revertimus

June 20, 2007

vorpidity; the world of twilight

June 18, 2007


June 6, 2007

twilight: lost dream #690

May 19, 2007

ghost of desolation

May 7, 2007

little one

he was a cute little stowaway...
must have ridden home with me on the back of my neck

April 16, 2007

the gray :: the stranger ii

April 15, 2007

Lost Dream #612

Leary lay lightly at languid lantern's end:
in dreams, lost or found, all sleepers are one

Chris Leary is a musician based in the UK (under the alias, "Ochre.") His webpage can be found at

April 10, 2007

the gray :: the stranger

spiderz territory

April 8, 2007

she dwells in darkness and in light

she is,

April 6, 2007

they watch over us, eternal

March 24, 2007

shadows of the godrient

March 23, 2007

Lost Dream #096

floating somewhere in space,
no breath, barely moving

longing for her touch, sadness,
hoping that one day she'll realize...

knowing again there's nothing more to do

feeling hopeless, never give up
floating somewhere in space...
floating somewhere in space...

alone, but remembering all the people
all the people, lovely people, lonely people...

lonely, never lonely,
flying downward, shooting spiraling,
shooting spinning rocketing exploding, bursting with pride and happiness




here we go!

October 5, 2006

Lost Dream #069

...I'm standing in a field of trees...

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April 11, 1986

Lost Dream #114

You are standing on a massive stone slate, which floats in the middle of the light blue sky.

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