September 24, 2007

a scarecrow

scarecrow: self portrait

June 12, 2007

The crickets are back!

chirp chirp

April 9, 2007

a moment's rest

Stand here, quietly,
a place you've always been, but can never recall...

Is it your future? Is it your past? Somehow, these questions have lost all meaning -- they have no place, here.

Look to the sky now, see the beautiful blueness -- the deep and wonderful blueness, the fantastic and friendly blueness, and bask in the glory of that supreme loveliness and soulful depth. This beauty overwhelms, overpowers all -- and it will not stop flowing from that vivid and endless depth of time and space; it is magnificent and true, a truly glorious thing, something that we shall perhaps never know again, my friend.

Feel the warmth of the sun, and see how it brings light upon our souls.

March 4, 2007

There is a possibility for all things.

"...that doesn't even make sense," you might be thinking.

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