Enhance Your Googling

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Next Wednesday (August 20) we’ll be offering another workshop to help get you ready for the upcoming Fall Semester. This workshop is called Google for Researchers and it will be team taught by Lisa Johnston, the Astronomy, Geology,Geophysics and Physics Librarian, and me.

This workshop will quickly go through a variety of Google search tools (Google Scholar, Google Books, etc.) and productivity tools (Google Docs, iGoogle, etc.). We’ll show you how you can use these tools effectively to make your research process flow even smoother.

(image provided by Keso via Flickr CC)

You can expect to learn:
• How to connect Google Scholar to library resources such as our online print subscriptions and RefWorks.
• How to use Google Docs to easily collaborate with colleagues all over the world…for free!
• How to locate physical copies of the books you find search Google Books.
• How to personalize you iGoogle page to maximize it’s efficiency

All that and much, much more. It’s a fast-paced, hands-on workshop that should be a good time.

Once again the date: Wednesday, August 20. 1:00-2:00 Walter 310.

Save yourself a seat--Register here. Email me with any questions.

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