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This past Monday I went to the Teaching and Learning Conference. The Digital Media Center gave an interesting presentation highlighting emerging technologies that may impact teaching, learning, and research. I thought I'd highlight some technologies that were new to me.


Co-ment is a free, online text annotation tool. You upload your document and you can either send it to a limited amount of collaborators or open your text to the public for comments and evaluation. A new collaboration tool.


SplashUp is a free online photo editor. It was described as an easier version of Photoshop--and it's online and free! SplashUp is compatible with a lot of social media like Flickr, Picasa and Facebook

There are some size limitations...Files sizes must be less than around 6.25 MB and image size is limited to 1250 x 1250 p.


Visual Understanding Environment (or VUE) is an open source software developed by Tufts that allows you to create mind maps and then create a presentation from the mind map. VUE is a little different from the other tools because you have to download the software onto your computer and you can only watch VUE presentations if you have VUE downloaded onto your computer.

But they showed the final project and it looked mighty nice.


Ustream is an online tool that allows you to create broadcasts and your own broadcast channel. All you need is an Internet connection and a web camera. Ustream is compatible with a lot of social media like YouTube and Facebook.

The Digital Media Center also talked about Google Documents, Zotero and Flickr. The library offers workshops on Google Docs and Zotero...I'll post more info on this blog the next time these classes are held. Or you can check out our Workshops Website.

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