A Note to Users of SciFinder

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A note, from our Chemistry Librarian, Meghan Lafferty, about SciFinder Scholar:

Hi everyone,

This is a heads up that a new site.prf file will be distributed for
off-campus access to the client software for security reasons related to
recent unauthorized access to U of M user accounts. Within the next
couple of days, when you open SciFinder off campus, you will see a
message (http://sciweb.lib.umn.edu/chem/SFSCredentialsMsg.jpg) with
instructions on getting the new file. An automated system issues the new
file, and you should receive it immediately after emailing the address
in the message. (The address shown is for Windows; there is a different
one for Macs.)

Also, I wanted to remind everyone that access to SciFinder via the
client software will be phased out around the end of this year and only
web access will be available. I don't yet have a firm date from CAS, but
I will let you know when I do.

Questions? Feel free to let me know!

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