Civil Engineerng Titles Added in May

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Here's a list of books that were added to our Civil Engineering collection at the Physical Science and Engineering Library in May. To view the entire list of new books you can visit our website. If you have any purchase suggestions, feel free to let me know.

New Civil Engineering Books in May

CE-For Profit.jpg
For Profit and Prosperity: The Contribution Made by Dutch Engineers to Public Works in Indonesia, 1800-2000
Edited by Wim Ravesteijn and Jan Kop
TA113.I55 F67 2008
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CE-Smart Light.jpg
Smart Light-Responsive Materials: Azobenzene-Containing Polymers and Liquid Crystals
Edited by Y. Zhao and Tomiki Ikeda
TA418.9.S62 S63 2009
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CE-Land Surveys.jpg
A Guide to Understanding Land Surveys (3rd Edition)
By Stephen V. Estopinal
TA551 .E88 2009
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CE-Structural Reliability.jpg
Structural Reliability
By Maurice Lemaire
TA640 .L4613 2009
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CE-condition Assessment.jpg
Condition Assessment of Aged Structures
Edited by J.K. Paik and R.E. Melchers
TA645 .C65 2008
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CE New Horizons.jpg
New Horizons in Earth Reinforcement: Proceedings of the 5th International Symposium on Earth Reinforcement (Is Kyushu '07) : Fukuoka, Kyushu, Japan, 14-16 November, 2007
Edited by Jun Otani, Yoshihisa Miyata, and Toshifumi Mukunoki
TA710 .I58 2007
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Principles of Laser Materials Processing
By Elijah Kannatey-Asibu Jr.
TA1675 .K36 2009
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Transportation in a Climate-Constrained World
By Andreas Schäfer, John B. Heywood, Henry D. Jacoby, and Ian A. Waitz
TD195.T7 T746 2009
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Garbage and Recycling
By Mitchell Young
TD792 .G367 2009
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Proceedings of the 16th Annual North American Waste To Energy Conference: NAWTEC16: Presented at the 16th Annual North American Waste to Energy Conference, May 19-21, 2008, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.
TD796.2 .N67 2008
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Federal Investment in Highway Research, 2006-2009: Strengths and Weaknesses

TE1 .S64x 295
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Risk of Vessel Accidents and Spills in the Aleutian Islands: Designing a Comprehensive Risk Assessment
Transportation Research Board
TE1 .S64x 293
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NDT Technology for Quality Assurance of HMA Pavement Construction
Transportation Research Board
TE7 .N25 626
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Self-Consolidating Concrete for Precast, Prestressed Concrete Bridge Elements.
By Kamal Khayat
TE7 .N25 628
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An Asset-Management Framework for the Interstate Highway System
Transportation Research Board
TE7 .N25 632
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Guidelines for Guardrail Implementation
By Dean Sicking
Transportation Research Board
TE7 .N25 638
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Pre-Overlay Treatment of Existing Pavements
By John H. Tenison
Transportation Research Board
TE153 .S96x 388
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Performance-Based Construction Contractor Prequalification

By Douglas D. Gransberg
Transportation Research Board
TE153 .S96x 390
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Transportation's Role in Emergency Evacuation and Reentry.
By P. Brian Wolshon
Transportation Research Board
TE153 .S96x 392
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Adjacent Precast Concrete Box Beam Bridges: Connection Details
By H. G. Russell
Transportation Research Board
TE153 .S96x 393
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Debt Finance Practices for Surface Transportation.

By Tamar Henkin
Transportation Research Board
TE153 .S96x 395
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Proceedings of the ASME Rail Transportation Division Fall Conference--2008: Presented at 2008 ASME Rail Transportation Division Fall Conference, September 24-25, 2008, Chicago, Illinois, USA.
TF550 .A86 2008
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